OOC: Hello my lovelies! <3 

I’ve been through quite a few things as of late, graduation and the trivial things following that, BUT I still wanted to let you all have a lil somethin’somethin while I get some catching up :3

I present to you Manice08 (my big bro)’s channel, he is getting back onto youtube and I wanna help him out a little bit with his new lets-play of The Forest, and I’m super jelly that he has the game already….i shall have to steal him lol (Love you tall! >w<)

Have a lovely day, all you handsome and beautiful ladies and gentlemen out there <3


Omg thank you for [almost] 230 followers!!!!! I cant believe it!! ^.^
I love you guys so much, and I’m glad you love my art, so thank you…sooo heres the thing, I won’t be here for the rest of today, Saturday, or Sunday, because, me and my family are going to South Carolina! ^.^ Yup, we’re going to Myrtle Beach ^.^ So…I wont be back until maybe Monday ^.^
But again thank you so much ^.^ <3
The ponies in this picture:

*huggles* thank you for including me in this! i love it! keep up with the amazing work and i hope ya keep gettin more and more followers! c: <3

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